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zone 18 hunters?

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I just looked up in last years digest and found out the private land I have to hunt is in zone 18. No bow until oct 2.

That means I get to find another area in zone 51 or 16, for early bow season.

Anyone hunt these areas?

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I believe that part of Assunpink WMA and Turkey Swamp fall into zone 16. I would check into and confirm this. Good Luck.
i have checked zone 18 out but never hunted there. i hunt just down the road in zone 21.both of those zones always have a late start. i just dont understand this? your lucky if you get a month to hunt before you kinda forced to pay for another permit.i have hunted zone 51 in allaire state park and its so-so from year to year. alot of hunters and stolen stands . i just dont understand why this happens.
This season will only be my second hunting season and zone 51 and 16 are minutes from zone 18, so I just go down the road to my friends property in jackson for the early season and will switch to my private land when zone 18 comes in.

I used to hunt in Jackson quite a few years ago ... off of Butterfly Road and off of Route 527. The "area" has really built up over the years, but in my travels I still see many deer along the roads and last year seen a great looking seven point cross Butterfly Road by the camp ground. Zone 18 you'll find me in Colliers Mills and Manchester WMA's.
I walked through manchester wma in february doing some real early turkey scouting with a february snow storm we got. Seen some good deer signs. I may have to check out the area. Alot of people hunt in manchester wma?
Bow and Muzzleloader Seasons are not too bad ... shotgun can get alittle crazy. I have never had a problem with finding someone in my stands or ever had a stand stolen. I had a couple of opportunities during turkey season (Saturdays) and had the woods to myself.
I scouted the trail that ends at private posted land on the other side. Saw some nice swampy areas deep into the woods from that trail.

Maybe ill see ya out there one day.

I am looking for some private land within 45 minutes of Toms River.

I am very saftey concious, and willing to abide by any set rule, no questions asked!
hey drome i hunt the mills most of the time theirs a lot of deer in their just get of the beaten path and have fun i got a small 8pt 2nd week of bow last year on the power lines by the range
ps i havent been out scouting yet but i'll start real soon good luck
I belong to the range and tried turkey hunting by those power lines
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