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I am heading out Saturday AM to see what I can find. If there is someone in 11 that has a permit and wants to meet up I am game.

If there is someone that hunters other species in T-zone 11 and wants to go to a spot they have seen turkeys as an observer that is also cool (caution - you may become addicted). Maybe you Deer hunt one of the following areas? Maybe you hunt for upland game in one of these areas? and just maybe you have seen some turkeys??? [ko] Get your camo on and come along.

I am not looking to steal anyones spot and will have a good time regardless, but I wouldnt mind the oppertunity to introduce someone to the Turkey action that would like to come. Shoot me a PM or emial me. You can even post here. If you have a permit for 16 G and want to see if we can double, I am all for that also.

These are the listed public land areas for 16 - Turkey Hunting Area 16

Bass River State Forest
Cape May Wetlands WMA
Great Egg Harbor WMA
Hammonton Creek WMA
Makepeace Lake WMA
Maple Lake WMA
Penn State Forest
Port Republic WMA
Stafford Forge WMA
Swan Bay WMA
Tuckahoe WMA
Warren Grove Recreation Area
Wharton State Forest

If you know some spots in 16 on these listed places but have no interest in going, maybe you can give me some location tips :)

Thanks [up]
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