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Went on the Sea hunter in the morning with Pop and one of his buddies Bob. I worked a 12 hour night shift then went fishing so I was pretty tired from the get go. Any way morning fishing was pretty dismal
I caught 3 short fluke 1 keeper Weak fish and small stripper(about 20 inches).Pop and Bob did nt catch a darn thing except a few Robins.On the way in at the dock we heard from some people that went out on the Sea Fox. They we catching lots of Weaks. Pop decide we were going out on the afternoon trip. I was shocked. I asked if he was sure he felt up to it. He wouldnt be talked out of it. So on the sea fox we went. Well, it wasnt much better. Between the three of us we caught 9 keeper Weaks. I caught 5 of them. By the end of the trip Pop could barely walk.
I'm sorry guys if i have been speaking alot about my dad. But this has been a great outlet for me. I just am so amazed at his no quit never give up attitude. On our way out on the Sea Fox I asked him Why go on the second trip? He was already exhausted. He said, "craig, This is in my blood and while that blood is still running through my veins I am going to do as much as I can while I can. What am I gonna do sit and rot on the couch?" I really have no words to describe the utmost respect I have for him. Thanks for putting up with my venting

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Vent away, SRB!!!! Thats just one of the reasons this site is here...And why we are here...[up] Glad to hear Pop is still FULL of spunk!!!
Sorry your fishing trips didn't produce more but I'm sure just being out there was cool![up]
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