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yelping fox

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It's right around 1 am and there is a red fox in my backyard screaming at the top of it's lungs!!!!! He yelps real loud then listens real hard and runs from one end of the yard to the other looking and yelping!!! Maybe a mom looking for her kits??? She's now in front of the house! I can see her on the edge of my driveway looking around! She's lucky I don't have any fireworks left![sad][smirk];)
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this morning i came oout of my house and i heard this weird noise. at first i thought it was a deer snorting. But after listening to it for a bit, it wasn't a deer. it's doing it ever 10 seconds or so. it was off in the woods but no one was around. it was loud as well. i never heard this before.
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