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I'd like to sell my Remington 700 SPS chambered for the 243 Win round. I had big plans for this rifle that I simply haven't had the time for so have decided to sell after upgrading just the trigger with a Timney 510 which I was pleased with when testing, on one of only the two trips I managed to get this rifle out to the range. The first trip was to run through the standard break in procedure and with that said I'd estimate the bore has had no more than 300 rounds through it.

The rail is made by Blackhawk and is has no built in elevation and the scope is a standard Barska that actually performs better that I expected since I originally installed with plans to upgrade. With such a small amount of recoil the scope and rings are perfectly adequate and the as installed it shots 1 MOA @ 100 yards with ease, as long as the shooter does his or her part which I struggle on, just sometimes

I'd like to sell the whole package as seen in the photos for $600.

Any questions, please PM me.

Thank for looking

P.S. As per normal, buyer must have NJ FID and matching DL.


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