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Woj's Wait Is Over - The Baby is FINALLY HERE!!!

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Emily Wojtowicz was born not too long ago today!!!!

8 lbs. 10 oz. of love for the proud Dad and Mom to cuddle!!!!![up]

Congratulations, and may Emily be healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise!!! :)

Guess I'm an Aunt, and not an Uncle!!![smirk]:D[cool]

He's busy calling everyone in-between getting yelled at by the hospital staff. I don't want to take anymore of his thunder, so let's see when we get to see his next post and pics of the new baby!!!! [up]
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Wow, she's big..but I said 8 lbs 5 oz since she was running late...wasn't too far off! Glad everyone is doing well?
Are the girls as excited too?? I bet they are!
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