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WMA hunting: for early bow : Tactics? Equipment? Discuss

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I plan on hunting our WMA's in Monmouth.

I'm looking for a new climber or light hang-on with a convenient (but conforming) set of steps. The old-climber is too noisy! Wound up staying low most times.

The other alternative was 'still hunting' which I really enjoy - I'm not much for heights. My recent Texas trip was a confidence booster that my footwork has improved. I think the older you get the better you are at still-hunting.

Or a ground blind - but I don't feel like setting up a pup-tent in the woods.

Being that WMA's are restrictive to permanent or screw-in steps, how do you approach the season?

Stand recs are welcome.
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Early season I will hunt on the ground a lot.
Its usually too warm to lug stands in and set them up. No need for pop up ground blinds either.

There is usually plenty of foliage, and cover to use for natural concealment!

As for steps, and stands, I use cheap hunters-view loc-ons that I leave up (walmart $35). I use strap on steps (ameristep) and I also have a cheap climbing stick that works well (walmart $40).

Bucksteps by summit, look to be a great way to get up and down trees as well, and they are about $100.

The climber I use is a Loggy Bayou...the new ones with the cable instead of steel flex band are absolutely SILENT! The way you set up the seat is obnoxious to some people, so you may want to look at their other models, like the new mega transformer, or last years illusions.

Hope this helps, and if you happen to buy a loggy bayou, I have some tips for making it even better I will share with you.

Have a good one---Matt
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Thanks Matt.

How do you leave a lock-on in a WMA? I thought that was restricted.

I am interested in the Loggy Bayou. Thanks for the tips.
I dont think its illegal to leave a stand up, its just the state is not responsible for it. No one is....its kind of like public property the minute you "abandon" it.

Thats why I use cheap ones. Sometimes they disappear!:(

By the way, I dont leave all the steps, thats like an invitation to theives. I carry most the steps or climbing stick in with me.

The loggy bayous are nice stands, I will post a link to their website for you.

Loggy Bayou Website Click here
I've had stands yanked from private land! - I wouldn't even bother now.
dont think its illegal to leave a stand up
yes it is illegal to leave a stand overnight in a WMA.
Yeah, honestly I dont use many hang-ons anymore.

I have a few for those far hikes, but even they get hidden very well, and the bottom steps ALWAYS come home with me.

Too bad you cant just leave em up without worrying. Loc-ons/hang-ons are the best, no noise, no sweat, just climb right up to an already prepped stand.

Too bad people cant just leave stuff alone...I wouldnt even own a climber if people didnt steal![sad][down]
yes it is illegal to leave a stand overnight in a WMA.
Well thats a retarded law.[confused]

I guess in that case, I dont have any stands hung, they all come home with me everyday...;)
Yeah i only use climbers now. I am going to leave my Loc-On at a friends property he just bought.
Woj, I just looked, I dont see this regulation anywhere.[confused]

Where can I find that rule pertaining to stands left over night?
i don't know. i've been always told that. so maybe i'm wrong on that one then. i don't know.
Not that I want you to be wrong, but I honestly hope you are.

I want to be able to leave stands up legally![cool]
i took the hunters ed cl [no swearing please] last year and Im almost 90% positive you can not leave stands in wma's.

I'll search for the info now.
Falls under general rule: no harm to vegetation.

That means no cutting shooting lanes too.
i'm 99% sure you can't leave stands overnight on wma.
Ok, but no one has given me concrete proof. I want a statute, or a rule/regulation, law...anything that says I CAN NOT leave a stand or personal property on a WMA overnight.

Not trying to be difficult, just dont see where this is listed.

Im not damaging the vegetation or the tree if I use strapon steps, and a rope-on stand? I knew you couldnt trim lanes, but that still doesnt mean Im not allowed to hang and leave a stand.

Remember, not trying to be a pain, Im just not interpreting these rules the same I guess?[confused]
It's like leaving a hobie on a public beach.
My understanding is that you can not construct a permanent stand on WMA's or any public property for that matter. Permanent meaning nailed or bolted into a tree. I don't think it is illegal to leave a loc on stand on a WMA. No screw in steps, that's considered damaging to trees and vegetation.
Whats a hobie?
Whats a hobie?
ya know - sailboat catamaran.

This guy used to leave his hobie on one of the public beaches. One day these kids 'borrow it' and wind up getting the marine police to rescue them.

Same with stands -

If Public property allowed lock-ons or non-permanant stands to remain in place, the lawyers would have a field day.
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