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Birmingham, AL - The game of turkey hunting, which is played on the turkey's terms and in the turkey's backyard in 49 states, Canada and Mexico, takes some high level strategy. Sharpen the skills you need to bag one of the more than 7-million gobblers across North America by taking this turkey-hunting quiz.

1) Although you've been scouting for turkeys for 2 days, you haven't heard a gobble. You've bagged a tom before on this same land. Do you:

a) Return to where you've bagged a gobbler previously;
b) Keep attempting to make a turkey gobble;
c) Continue to scout to have more information about the turkeys in this area;
d) Go to places where you assume turkeys will be.

Answer: (A) - Return to where you've bagged gobblers previously. When the dominant bird is harvested from the flock, the bird next in the dominance order often will strut and gobble in the same region.

2) While hunting in a river bottom, you locate a tom on the other side of thigh-high water. Which tactic will be the best to take the tom?

a) Shoot across the water;
b) Run upstream or downstream to find a crossing point;
c) Wade the water, and go to the turkey;
d) Attempt to call the turkey across the water.

Answer: (C) - Wade the water, and go to the turkey.

3) How can you bag a gobbler in a place that contains many hens when the tom won't fly off the limb or come to hen calling until he sees the females?

a) Use a turkey decoy, if the decoys are legal in your state.
b) Flush the gobbler, walk in the direction he's flown, set-up, and call.
c) Determine in which direction the hens normally feed, get ahead of the hens, and take a stand.
d) All of the above.

Answer: (D) - All of the above. Any of these tactics can and will work sometimes.

4) When turkeys won't gobble, make them gobble by:

a) Using a crow call or an owl call;
b) Calling loudly;
c) Calling like a blue jay;
d) Giving a gobble call.

Answer: (A) -Using a crow or an owl call to make a turkey shock-gobble.

5) In high hunting-pressure areas, the best time to bag a gobbler is:
a) In the morning early before other hunters reach the woods;
b) Late in the afternoon just before the turkeys fly-up to roost;
c) In the middle of the day when few others are hunting.

Answer: (C) - In the middle of the day when few others are hunting.

The wild turkey is much like the German General Rommel, known as the Desert Fox during World War II. Elusive and quick to react to changing war conditions, Rommel always dodged danger until he met General George A. Patton, who defeated him by studying a book Rommel had written on military strategies. Read Outdoor Life's "Complete Turkey Hunting" to increase your odds for bagging a gobbler. This book covers many aspects of turkey hunting from selecting guns and camo to discussing which tactics are the most productive for turkeys. You can order this book and learn more than 100 secrets on how to take turkeys by visiting:
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