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Who's out shooting

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Yesterday at my mother-in-laws I was shooting my long bow getting ready for this coming deer season. I was asked "Why do you practis with Broadheads for". I answered " Because I like to do it as if I was hunting,and this way it in the wind I can tell how My arrows fly". Does anyone else do the same?
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I shoot fieldpoints until August. I then switch to my broadheads. Yesterday I shot about 100 arrows in the front yard. I couldn't use the back yard as the dogs were out and the kids were in the pool. I varied my shots from 12 to 20 yds. The last four I shot at four different bullseyes on the bag target and hit 4 dead center so I figured it was time to put it away and end on a good note.
Your neighbors dont freak out when they see you shooting in the front yard?
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