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I'll be in there with my dad and my buddy that I hunt with throughout the year. My buddy's brother will also be with us. So four of us total hunting 6 day.

I've been out there all week looking for the cam thief and also scouting spots for my dad to hunt on the ground. I was there til dark tonight and we didn't see a single deer crossing the roads or in the woods even at last light. In the woods I understand, its thick and nasty and they'll often hear you and be gone long before you see them, but at dusk on the roads I usually always see deer moving. Alot of bird hunters out though, so they might have worked them up enough to keep them bedded until after dark or hanging inside the woodline some.

We'll see what shotgun season brings, weather looks great for the week, best I've seen in the last 5+ years.

Good luck to all that go out!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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