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If they will allow a hunt for bears this year here in NJ who here will take part in it and where will you hunt? You all know I will:D
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Went in '03 saw nine bears. Got the permit last year, also went in PA last year, will get the permit again, and Im going to NH for bear(bowhunt) in September this year.

I guess you could say Im hooked on bear hunting.:D

Good luck to all if we get a season.
You saw 9 bears !!!!! Did you get one, and where about did you hunt?
Dude, I hope your shooting is better than your memory!:D I already told you the whole story via email like a year ago....

Saw none the first day, but got on tracks in the snow....tracked it to a good place to hunt later, and saw a small one that afternoon in there. Not the bear I wanted so no shot taken. Nothing Tuesday, worked Wednesday, saw three different bears on Thursday and the last one I saw later on in the evening was a good sized bear 350 or more.....Shot, knocked it down, it got up, shot it again and it ran off....Mind you it rained all Thursday so the trail was terrible, tracked it into a VERY LARGE VERY THICK VERY DEEP AND WET swamp and lost the blood completely...Grid searched all the parts of the swamp we could access, and the surrounding areas but never found it. Worst feeling in the world....but anyone who has lost an animal knows how terrible that feeling is. Saw a sow and four, yes FOUR cubs on Saturday, but there was no way I was gonna shoot a sow with cubs. That was my very upsetting bear season which I hate to talk about. :(

I was in Northern NJ....thats as much as I can tell you.:D:p coughStokesStateForestcoughcough;)
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1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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