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Who is taking a kid out for youth turkey?

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Although it will be open day trout, I am going to take a youth out for the morning and try to get her a first bird. im gona give it a shot for a bit and then go for some trout mid morning, I love turkey hunting but open day trout kinda is a holiday for me, i cant not go!!!
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Glad you're taking a kid out.[up] Only 9 more years 'til I can take my little one![hihi] I'm counting down the days.
My daughter wanted to go trout fishing instead. We will be out a few days the following week.
Nice...weathers not gona b good sat am (so they say) hopefully we can get a bird for her and on film!!
I will take my son out for youth day. I'm not much of a turkey hunter but the farmers who's land we hunt have been scouting - they all want to see him get one as much as I do.
i will be out with my son hopefully filming his hunt[up]
I don't have any kids to take, but my cousin is taking his 12 y/o nephew out on some private ground where he has a pretty good shot at his first bird. Hopefully they'll have a good day for it and he can at least see some birds.
My son has a couple years to go before he can hunt so we'll be hittin' the valley. But for anyone here takin' a kid out,kudos to you and good luck[up][up]
Taking my nephew. This will be his 3rd year and hopefully his first bird. Came close a few times but never sealed the deal.
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