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does anyone go pheasant hunting in whittingham? my dad, brother, and i go every saturday...just wonderin which feild you go to...i might know you :D maybe we can meet up this season
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My friends and I usually hunt pheasant down by the Delaware, off Old Mine Rd. We went out a bunch of weekends last year and even on opening day there were fields with no hunters but tons of birds.
Mack, I've never not shot my limit down on Old Mine. We usually go to the fields south of Van Campen's Inn (I think that's what it's called). Down there it's not so much when they stock, it just seems there's always birds there.
There is alot of land near Van Campen's and on opening day last year the fields north of the Inn were packed. The way we went last year we had 4 of us and 1 dog, and it seemed to work well. The dog kicked up a bunch of birds for us too. It is true you get birds flying into the southern fields from the guys pushing them, but we kicked up our fair share from the brush lining the fields and a few in the forested area right by the river. Those by the river are tricky though because you can spook them enough to fly across into PA. That happened a few times last year.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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