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does anyone go pheasant hunting in whittingham? my dad, brother, and i go every saturday...just wonderin which feild you go to...i might know you :D maybe we can meet up this season
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i dont hunt the feild with the large parking lot...i hunt the ones by the one rite b4 ding dong deli...
Is Whittingham busy?
its not busy if u get there early enough :) dad, brother, and i always get there a half hour b4 everyone and get whatever spot we want [up]
i went to old mine road last year with my dad on the last stocking saturday...we got skunked so we went to flatbrook and i got a rooster...old mine road seems like a hit or miss...i didnt even hear a do you know what parts they stock?
thats where i go...which side of the road do you hunt? i hunt at the first parking lot on the right..if you ever go there, look for a father with 2 sons with a weimaraner...thats us
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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