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Whittingham Aug 20,21

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Well I just got back from Whittingham. What a great day, little hot and humid, But still a great day. I was shooting Steve D.( just forgot his NJH ID name...Sorry dude) and some other people I met up there too. We watched Byron Ferguson do some shooting ( Way Kool ) I also get some pics of Byron and US and had him sign his book I have. After the second show I also had the chance to shoot with Byron. That guy is so down to earth. I will be loading Pic's soon.
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Some of these people in the pic's are fron Traditional Archers of New Jersey ( first 2 pic's), Me ( Pic 3), & Steve D ( Last...Sorry Steve). Byron & His Wife ( Really Nice Lady to talk with )

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Well, can he shoot 3d targets as good as asprins?

The truly crazy person is the woman throwing the asprin.
Mystic, Im totally jealous of you. I wish I could have gotten out there to meet that man! [up]

He is amazing![cool]

And I agree, that lady (I think its his wife) who throws up the aspirins is a brave soul. Just imagine if you had a big arguement and tempers flared, he could always say the arrow slipped....OMG.

So how many wives/assistants has he gone through?:p:D
Byron said it was his 13th wife.... When we where shooting at flying disk, I hit one more then He isn doing 2 shows tomorrow. 10am & 2 pm
Lucky 13 huh?

Id love to go over and watch him shoot, but I will be at the picnic all day. Maybe you can convince Byron to stop by...Free hamburger on the house..he just has to shoot a pickle out of the air first!:p

Hope your still stopping by MG, and bring your Beta fish.;)

Theyre nasty fish arent they? I think my uncle had some and they would kill other fish and kill each other. Maybe Im thinking of something else though.[confused]

Thanks for sharing the pics.
Hope to see you tomorrow----Matt:)
Nope right fish. they have to be in a tank alone.
Wow that is so awesome to be able to meet the master of archery. I wish I knew he was going to be there. I would of given up a day of fishing, to meet him. Did you tell him about the New Jersey
Not Byron, but I did hand out some cards there.
Saw him shoot on Sunday. Took a Photo, but the darn camera won't download (I'll fix it). It was awesome to watch him shoot.
Who is the guy with the black traditional archers shirt? He introduced himself to me because he has seen me in the woods in Sterling Forest.
which one? THe guy up front or in the back row?

The guy in the front row = Shoot Coordinator TANJ, Gerry "DOC" DeCaro

THe guy in the back row = President TANJ, Philip Muller, Part-Owner Razorcaps
Gerry "DOC" DeCaro
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