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Rhode Island, PA, andOntario Dove Seasons, Sunday hunting in Ontario
Rhode Island
Mourning Doves -The open season for mourning doves isstatewide:
September 14 to October 13;
October 19 to November 9;
December 18 to January 4
Shooting hours are:
First split: noon to sunset.
Secondand third split: sunrise to sunset
Daily bag / possession limits: 12 / 24

9.12.3 The hunting of and/or possession ofMourning Dove or Wild Pigeons (Rock Dove) is prohibited. Note from us: Wild orFeral Pigeons are the same thing as Rock Doves or Rock Pigeons. In other partsof RI these birds are an unprotected species with no closed season. Thisspecial regulation is no doubt a socio-political one.

Fluorescent Orange Requirements: Exemptions: firstsegment dove hunters, not required in areas limited to Archery by regulation.

Hunting Licenses are available from DEMDivision of Licensingat 235 Promenade
St.,Providence, RI 02908 (401) 222-3576; most city and town clerks (licenses only);
mostsporting goods stores; and RI Department of Environmental Management. To replace a lost or stolenlicense
or permit,contact DEM Division of Licensing.
Non-ResidentHunting (must be 15 years old)1 ............................... $45.00
Non-Resident(3-day hunting) Tourist License ................... $16.00
Resident andNon-Resident active military personnel ......... $18.00
RI HIPPermit ......................................................................No fee (SEE BELOW)
Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program(HIP)
The HIPprogram was designed to aid state and wildlife agencies
and the USFish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) better information
on managingour nation’s migratory bird resources.
Allmigratory bird hunters need to obtain a permit and answer
a smallsurvey. HIP permits are available through all license
vendors andDEM.

PA Dove Hunting
[SUP] [/SUP]Sept. 1 – Oct. 1 bag limit 15
Oct. 29 - Nov. 26 bag limit 15
Dec. 26 - Jan. 4 bag limit 15
During the Sept. 1-Oct. 1 portion of the dove season, hunting hours are noon to sunset. During the other seasons, hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.
Possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.
A valid PA Migratory Game Bird License is required to hunt doves and also is how you register for HIP in PA.
Nonresident Adult Hunting 17 & up $101.70
Nonresident Junior Hunting 12 - 16 $ 41.70
Nonresident 7-Day Small Game 12 & up $ 31.70
Nonresident Migratory Game Bird 12 & up $ 6.70
Reduced-Fee Resident Military Personnel Hunting $2.70
Reduced-Fee Resident PA National Guard or Reserves Hunting $2.70
Reduced-Fee Resident Prisoner of War Hunting $2.70

To purchase PA hunting Licenses Online:
Out of State License Agents:
In State License Agents:

Ontario Canada Introductory Dove season & Sunday Hunting

Canadian Providence of Ontario allows dove hunting the fall of 2013!
Central District: September 3 to November 11
South District: September 5 to November 13
Bag limit and possession limits in both districts is: 15/45

Link for info on new “introductory dove season”:
Link for nonresident hunting licenses:

PENDING – Sunday Hunting
Periodic changes may be made to gun hunting on Sundays
in areas south of the French and Mattawa rivers. To confirm
the status in the municipality in which you wish to hunt,
please check the Sunday hunting information available at

Sunday Hunting - April 1, 2013 to August 31, 2013

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