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For me it would be 1980....this is my 25th year hunting, man I LOVE HUNTING
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1982, started hunting when I lived in Texas
what do you meen by illegally? do u meen you hunted without a lisence on public land or on private property?
Mack who said they hunted illegally? I can't find that post, the only one close is the one MsMorris posted.

MsMorris, did you hunt illegally? or where you just with your family when they hunted?
Well whoever posted that they hunted illegally should be kicked off this site...Poaching gives US real hunters/Fishing people bad raps, But then again all Poachers should be shot, hung, then burned... Thats my feelings on that matter... anyway.... Happy Hunting do the legal hunters..
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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