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Sundowner Redbone's, I know the owner personally. Went hog hunting with him back in the late 80's. I run my dogs at night up to as late as 11pm. and they are beagles. I had a pair of walkers and they could stretch it out at night. No track collar, just dayglows and hear lamp. As far as the bears? I don't see it in Salem County. I have hunted every WMA in this county and probably know of every deer stand and never crossed a track of anything close to a bear. I have had 'yotes bust out in a field running my beagles in Canton and several times in Cumberland County. If their was a bear it would have been seen and reported in the paper. It's like green acres here, if anyone seen a bear my old man would have heard about it at the local dinner and would have told me.

till our trails cross,
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