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What is your primary deer muzzleloader & ammo?

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I use a T/C Renegade .54cal sidelock w/roundball 230gr . For me there is something about traditional gear. Since 1989 been using the T/C only and I haven't picked up a modern rifle since then. I thing it puts more of a sport in it. Nothing wrong with mod-rifles, but they aren't for me.
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.50 cal Knight BK-92, 2 50 grain pellets of pyodex, and a 250gr. Knight Red Hot Sabot
also shooting the roundball here cva frontier carbine
.50cal looking to up grade to some type of hawken.the inlines are nice but just not my cup of tea
Here's an old one revisited

T/C Omega 130gr pyrodex pellets and 240 grain hollowpoints, topped with 2x7 leupold
CVA Optima Pro,295 gr. powerbelt,150 gr. pyrodex topped w/ Bushnell scope,mmmmmmmmm good ![up] 200 yards on the money.
In my inline used to shoot the 230 grain hollowpoints with sabots with 100grains of 777. The last batch of Thompson XTP's I purchased the sabots are oversized, hence they are too difficult to ram down the barrel. Switched to Powerbelts.....Maybe I should change my screen name.

In my side lock 1-60 twist patched round balls are the only thing that shoot accuratly. These I shoot with 70 grains of Cleanshot. Round balls are too much trouble for hunting so I shoot the hollow base "balletts" from Buffalo Bullet Company. These guve me a 4" group at 50 yds with 80 grains of Cleanshot.
Knight Master Hunter .50 cal topped with a 3.5X10 Zeiss Conquest. 3 x 50 grain pellets of 777 behind
Barnes 250gn Expanders.
Barnes 250gn Expanders.
gotta love them Barnes[up]
.245 grain hollow point power belts... 100 grain of Triple 7... .50 caliber Knight.
T/C Black Diamond with a T/C 1.5 - 5 power scope.
I use (2) 50 grain pyrodex pellets with a 300 grain T/C Shockwave sabot.
I just started using this combo this year so I have not killed anything with it yet.
T/C Thunderhawk .54 cal
-2 Pyrodex 65gr pellets
-348 grain Pointed powerbelt
-3x9 optics

White Rifle .50 cal. Whitetail Hunter shooting a 230 grain Power Punch Conical with 90 grains of Pyrodex P, No Scope...And..

T/C White Mountain Carbine .50 cal shooting 230 grain round ball with 70 grains of FFg with iron sights..
I hear ya Beaver Kill... no scope for me after this year (no time to site in the irons).
T/C Omega ...100 grain 777...245 powerbelt..
There is none better than the white.Breeze to load and a tack driver. When the company died picked up I 3 cases of slugs.
CVA Kodiak .50 cal. with 3X9 Leupold scope.
295 gr. HP Powerbelts and 150 gr. of pyrodex pellets.

Amazingly accurate gun/load combo.
Remington 700 ML .54 caliber with a Simmons Whitetail Classic Scope. Using 100 grains of Pyrodex powder with a 435 grain Thomson Center Maxi Hunter.
Thompson Encore .50 Cal topped with a 1.5 X 4 Bushnell Firefly scope. 245 grain power belts pushed with 100grains of Pyrodex When the hammer falls a deer does too. It has never let me down.
t/c black diamond with 245 grain power belt and 100 grain 777 with a red dot scope
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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