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what damage would be done on that huge bear by a single slug?

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Guys, that huge bear thats posted here under "HUGE NJ BEAR-BLAIR CREEK (pic)" take a look at it. I sent the pictures to the outfitter I use in Canada, he told me on the low end that bear is 700lbs., but he really thinks more like 750lbs to 775lbs, and thats huge !!!!

So heres the question: You see this bear broadside at 50yds or 75yds. you fire one slug, you hit him what type of damage you think would be done, how long will it take for him to die, how far does he go? I know he will die, just remember that he is huge, thick with lots of fat, fur, big bones, and he will be pissed off when that slug strikes him.
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all i know i don't want to be around if that
wojitowicza, you need your diaper? :p
Hopefully my next two slugs find there mark quick;)
A double lung or heart shot will bring him right down, just like a deer. He might be big, but you take his boiler room away and he nothing...:D
For me;
The hounds have it backed up to a tree Bawlin & pulling hair off it's hips. Because a bear that size doesn't climb, I'd walk in & put a 20ga. slug in it's skull. Sorry guys I only hunt bears with dogs LOL
IF it's a lung hit I say 75-100 yds before dying. Hell I have a vid of a guy killing a 1200 lb Kodiac at 15 yds with a bow, Bear went 100 yds I think. I would use Buckhammer slugs on hm though, There 1 1/4 oz vs regular slugs that are just 1 oz. I think I'd soil myself before I got a shot off. I don't think my little 10 mm would do much damage to him either.
I have to disagree, he won't go right down even with a double lung/hart shot, this bear is strong and with a shot like that I think he would still go 100yds. or so, but down he will go.
In my opinion, I'd rather put an arrow through him. I have more confidence in an arrow than I do a slug on bears. Im sure he'd go down fast with an arrow. Probably wouldnt even know what happened, would start to walk off, and collapse. Or maybe run off and collapse within 50 yards.[up] Bears, even big ones, arent that tough to kill from everything Ive seen and heard from hardcore bearhunters. Take out the pumphouse, and they are done!

I do know one thing for sure, I wouldnt get a pass-through, and its funny to think you could actually lose your arrow inside of him with a broadside shot! He HAS to be wider than a 28" arrow! OMG...

Gives me the chills just thinking about running into that brute in the dark. Oh, and remember, Im in those woods with Kris, so we may actually have to find out what happens if he decides to get too "playful". I have a feeling the bear-proof garbage can wouldnt help in that situation.[down]
Matty, I agree with you about the arrow. My biggest bear was 300lbs. the shot was 15yds. I had a p [no swearing please] thru, it was quarting away. I also agree the arrow on this 750lb stud wouldn't go thru, nither would a slug, but GOD I WISH I CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO TRY THIS YEAR[up]
I'm surprised not many replied to this post, since we all think we are experts:p
I shoot a 16 gauge 2 3/4 and I would normally agree about the boiler maker comments above ...but this is not a normal bear ...this guy has a dense/heavy layer of blub not seen on bears under 400lbs ...and bear back blub is alot like that of a pig ...pretty tough stuff ...I am questioning my load's ability to penetrate to the good stuff ...however, I do think the modern 3-3 1/2" 12 gauge loads should get it done w/ easy

I guess it's like the movie Jaws ..."you're going to need a bigger boat" ...going to need the 12 gauge

More than any other, I would luv the opportunity to drop an arrow into his pumphouse
CleteB90: Your right about the bear, he will die with one slug behind the shoulder, but he will run at least 100yds.
Actually.... according to last year's bear seminar... a little further back behind the shoulder than on a deer.
Drag yes your right, and alittle lower, bears vitlas are lower and further back then a deer
My luck, Id hit him perfect, and hed have just enough life to come and eat me before he died!:D

It would go something like this;


"YES, WOO HOO!!!" "OH SH.."

(loud bear noises followed by girly screams):eek::D
and seeing you run down the road screaming as the rest of us are loading our gear into our trucks:p
A well placed slug can drop that bear in its tracks and a well placed arrow can have that bear piled up within 50 yards. I have been on 6 bear hunts and the bow shot bear typically only go 50 yards...That is one HUGE Bear..I hope his cousin walks by my stand next year in Maine...
I disagree, even with the best shot still wouldn't drop this bear in his tracks, a spine shot would do the job, still say he would run about 100yds.
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