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what are these insects?

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i havent been down to my property in burlington county but other guys have. they said they are coming home with a thousand little black bugs that look like spiders almost. they bite and they are leaving welts... i looked up chiggers but the internet says chiggers are not black...anyone know what these are? not ticks either....any ideas?
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Welcome to the world of chiggers. Many a man has moved to the city to avoid these nasty creatures. They are the reason I stay out of the woods until first frost. By the time you see them on your white socks, then its too late. Shower, then shower again and then shower some more. I have been bitten by them on so many occassions that my wife swears that I like them. I have tried everthing, nail polish, chigger x, alcohol and every other bug bite lotion. Nothing works, period!!! As you can see I have also looked down and said"what are those black specks" but that was many moons and thousands of bites ago. Now when I look at a patch of woods you will often hear me say "There are more chiggers in those woods then there are chinamen in the world" I for one wood burn all of the woods in the state of NJ and start over, unless someone else has a solution:)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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