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What a day!

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Well, I crushed three toes on my right foot today at work, one looks like jello. Hurts like a MOTHER!!![down][sad]

Then I got stung in the face on my way home. I was riding my motorcycle and had the helmet visor open, when a wasp hit me right in the cheek, and stung (or bit) me. I thought he was gone, so I closed the lid, only to see the wasp walking across my cheek pad onto the visor a little ways down the road. Going about 60mph, I didnt want to open the visor and blow him back in my face, so I had to calmly pull off, and let him out....

Geez, all I can think is, I should probably stay away from sharp objects the rest of the day, and maybe I should leave my helmet on. [confused]
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Mystic, Ive hunted with a broken leg, a broken ankle, a badly sprained ankle, and I tried to learn how to shoot my bow with a broken arm about 7 years ago, but I couldnt do that.(not all of these injuries occurred at the same time)

Ive had to hobble into the woods on camo crutches more than a few times. It takes a lot to keep me out of the woods.[up] So you can bet your longbow I'll be out there.;)

My one toe is bad, but Im just glad its still there. Another one is probably broken, and the other one might be just bruised. Forgot to mention I mildly sprained my ankle about a week ago too, so Im a mess going into this hunting season. Nothing major though, it just always seems this stuff happens all at once.

I shouldnt complain though. Theres a guy in the Academy with my brother right now that finishes the runs with a pulled hamstring, today he pulled his other hamstring, so that guys worse off than me. That guy is a real hard-charging mofo man....I dont know if Id be back on Monday to run with the group....He said he will though, and thats rough.[up]
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Thanks DSwidow...its good to have a motherly figure on here to take care of us knuckleheads.:) I dont go to doctors, so now I can just come on here and ask you when I need medical advice. (the only time I go to a doctor, is if I cant tape or sew it back on myself):D

Thanks MG, good to see your a hard charger too![up]

Good luck to everyone this season!:)[up]
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