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What a day!

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Well, I crushed three toes on my right foot today at work, one looks like jello. Hurts like a MOTHER!!![down][sad]

Then I got stung in the face on my way home. I was riding my motorcycle and had the helmet visor open, when a wasp hit me right in the cheek, and stung (or bit) me. I thought he was gone, so I closed the lid, only to see the wasp walking across my cheek pad onto the visor a little ways down the road. Going about 60mph, I didnt want to open the visor and blow him back in my face, so I had to calmly pull off, and let him out....

Geez, all I can think is, I should probably stay away from sharp objects the rest of the day, and maybe I should leave my helmet on. [confused]
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Ive hunted with a broken leg, a broken ankle, a badly sprained ankle, and I tried to learn how to shoot my bow with a broken arm about 7 years ago,
Wow, your a real CALAMITY JANE ( JOHN )
That's some grey cloud you've got hanging over your head. Maybe you better not stop by my farm to visit, you might bring a drought or a swarm of locusts :D:D
Hope ya heal fast ! Go out next Sat. a shoot something, guarranteed you will forget the pain !!

Get well soon !
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