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Wanted for father and son

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Father and young son lost lease, in search of land for lease or small club for deer, bow/ shotgun.Will go 2K. please contact [email protected]
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why don't you try state land. there is some nice state land all over NJ. Assunpink, Pequest, Black River, Whittingham, just to name some.
Welcome to the boards Overlandvj. What area are you looking to hunt? Mystic was right when he said there is a ton of great public land in NJ. The state is adding more WMA's and more property to the existing WMA's. Good luck in your search and I hope to see you around the boards. [up].... Jim
I emailed you about my club but I don't think it got through.Email me and I'll give you the [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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