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im in clifton, my dad has one my young brother just outgrew...
18-28" browning.
25-40 lbs i believe.. (depending on draw length.)
he hunted with it for 2 years, and harvested this buck with it: (bow is in the photo, tough to see tho):

bow costs $200 BARE.
He will sell it for $200 SET UP, WITH MANY ARROWS, BIG OL PILE OF CARBON ARROWS, HE OUTGREW (if they are able to fit with your youth, come by, try it out. ready to shoot. all you need is a release..

551-206-2623 - jay

includes bow
limb savers
detachable quiver
and plenty of arrows...
over $400 of equipment
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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