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Vest and Camera Ready for Round 2

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Ready for the Am. gonna head back to the same area that i got my A week bird. Had to skip last saturday , so this will be my 2nd time out. 1st one dropped on video. Hope the Same happens in the morning again.... Might get to warm to sit in the ground blind.... Won't need the UnderArmor thats for sure. Good Luck to all Heading out And be Safe
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Good luck and hope you knock another one down and get it on film[up][up]

What program are you using to edit your footage? I am using the apple mac and thier IMovie program, which is great! Easy to make a great a film out of your footage.

Shoot Straight!
I tried Windows Movie Maker. it captured the Footage with great detail , but when i burned it to a DvD it was very grainy. Gonna try to check my settings. Also gonna download the Sony Vegas. you can download a full version for 30 days. I have heard good things about that program
How are you liking your Camera ? I just got a Shotgun Mic. for mine. I can not believe the Differance it makes.
Just got a call from My good Friend. Gave me permission to go to a deer hot spot in Bedminster. This place is loaded with Birds. Only Bad part is it is all woods. They could come from anywhere. Might be hard to film. Not like my last bird . i knew where he was gonna come from.
Sony Vegas is great but has a very, very hard learning curve.

You may want to soemthing simpler like Roxio or Pinnacle.
Parker, I love my new camera, thanks Doug[up][up] I filmed a couple of bird hunts already and they came out great. The sound comes out really nice with the shotgun mike.

I just need a new tripod since mine is beat up and I figure the new camera deserves a good tripod and later down the line perhaps a Muddy tree arm.

Good luck going after those birds.

Shoot Straight!
Parker, I love my new camera
Glad to hear it. [up] Those things take great video.
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