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Hello everyone, My name is Bill Claspell, also known as “Bullnuts”, from the Colorado site. I know that this thread is long, and may take a while to read, but I think that you may find it worthwhile.

I am posting this, with the help of Timberline, in an effort to inform you of another major corporation that has turned its back on the sportsmen of this country, in support of animal rights. The corporation is US Bank.

I was a loyal US Bank customer up until just a few weeks ago, when I went on their website to re-order checks. I found a check design that sported the Humane Society of the United States logo in their offerings.

I immediately contacted US Bank and attempted to educate them about the agenda of HSUS, in that they are not affiliated with your local humane society, they do not run or operate animal shelters, and that they have an agenda that is anti-hunting, fishing, ranching, farming, etc.

Initially, I received the following response: Dear Bill Claspell, Thank you for using U.S. Bank email. We have chosen to use a check printing company that does offer the most cost effective option for our customers. I do apologize, that they offer a check style that does offend you. They do offer many different styles of checks for you to choose from. If you need further assistance, please feel free to email or call U.S. Bank 24 Hour Banking. Metro Numbers Cincinnati Metro: 513-632-4141 Denver Metro: 303-585-8585 Milwaukee Metro: 414-765-4636 St. Louis Metro: 314-425-2000 Minneapolis / St. Paul: 612-USBANKS Portland Metro: 503-USBANKS (612-872-2657) (503-872-2657) Other: 800 USBANKS (800-872-2657) TDD: 800-685-5065 (*If you are out of the country, you can call collect to any Metro number.) Personal Bankers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sincerely, Angelee US Bank 24-Hour Banking and Financial Sales

I sent off another email to Angelee, stating that I was aware that US Bank used a vendor for their checks and that they could refuse to offer the HSUS design, while still offering an affordable check selection for their customers. I asked that US Bank consider dropping the HSUS design because it is offensive to sportsmen and women. Here’s what I received back:

Dear Mr. Claspell,

Thank you for the additional information. Your email and suggestions will be forwarded as feedback on the check styles we currently offer. There are not any current plans to change the styles offered, however, your feedback will be considered in any future changes.


Tisha Wynne - Lechuga U.S. Bank® Internet Banking

I emailed Tisha, this time, and again pointed out the question, asking if US Bank was a direct supporter of HSUS, PETA, or any of the other animal right’s organization. Finally, I received this:

Dear Mr. Claspell,

Thank you for your patience. I have confirmed that U.S. Bancorp does support the Humane Society directly. If you have further questions we would ask that you contact Alesha Simmons in our Public Relations area directly. She can be reached at 612-303-0737.

Thank you.


Tisha Wynne – Lechuga

I have contacted the US Sportsman’s Alliance with this information, closed my US Bank accounts, and am working to inform all my fellow sportsmen of this anti-hunting, animal rights supporter. In my quest, I have been surprised to find that there are a number of US Bank employees who post on this site, who had no idea that their company was in support of an anti hunting organization. Some of those employees are even in management and executive positions within the bank.

There are several hundred thousand sportsmen and others who take offense at the HSUS agenda and we, as bowhunters, should be especially concerned since HSUS and Fund for Animals has teamed up to combat bowhunting specifically.

I would, therefore, ask that you all take a minute to fire off a letter or email to US Bank, informing them of your opposition to HSUS and your disappointment in them for supporting such a radical organization. If you are a US Bank customer, I would ask that you also follow suit and help us to boycott US Bank. As sportsmen, we can take our business anywhere and the last place that I want my money is with a business that will filter it to an organization that will do its best to use it against us.

Again, I’m sorry that this post was so long. I hope, though, that you will join me in sounding a unified voice to US Bank and other corporations who support anti hunting agendas. Thanks for your time. Bullnuts

-Please direct any replies to the Colorado thread titled, "US Bank supports HSUS" - Thank you, Timberline
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