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Update on October 23 Stripermaniac!!!!

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Hi guys!! Here is the update list of the checks I received today Sept. 24/05
Jersey Jim
Carlo Funk
D Buck
Andrew Passa (don't know your nic)

and of course I also have

JR Hunt
35 Whelan
El Jefe
That is a total of 11 guys. We still have room, is a great time to meet the guys here on the forum, and a great time to be out there hooking stripers.
Kris we are all still waiting for you. Anyone from the Roselle Elizabeth area let me know and we will go together. Just give me a call, or let me know right here on the site. [up]
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wish i could go. my dad is not much of a fisherman so it pretty much makes it impossible for me to convince him! you guys are gonna have fun! [up]
I can't wait!!!!![up]
Sorry your not going to be able to make it Mack..[sad]
Mack how old are you? maybe you can hook up with one of the guys, is a very good time to introduce your father to fishing. No fishing gear is necessary. [up]
Mack, are you the Freshman from Hasbrouck Heights. I live in Rutherford(10 minutes from you)I could drive you and your Dad if its ok with him.
My check is going out tomorrow check your e-mail.
Mine h [no swearing please] already been mailed, you should get it mon.
So ...who else wants to go???? It's gonna be a great trip!!![up]
Sending my check out tomorrow.
Hey everyone, Drag is going....woohoo.[up]
Drag....Are you bringing the others that you mentioned, or is it just you????
Mailed a check for $90

Dragthor $45
Dragthor's brother-in-law $45
El Jefe, did you get a check from Ian for me and him?

Ian $45
Sean $45

Check should be $90 total?
My wife is gonna divorce me... bowhunting in Sat...then striper fishing on Sunday. [smirk]
I'm not going to lie, i am really really excited for this!:D
I don't know about the rest of you guys but its been two weeks since Montauk, and I'm itching for my first deer and more stripers!!!!
1 - 20 of 92 Posts
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