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Update on Local Poached buck

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Some of you know I had an incident with a poacher a week or so ago. Since that time I have been concerned that the large buck I have hunted for the 3rd year in succession was poached. I hunted from 5:30 am to 1:30pm today in my best spot and did not see any deer. I went home and ate lunch. after lunch I decided to load up my truck with some firewood and bring it up to my house. as I was loading the truck my nieghbor came up and told me about a giant buck that he saw in the woods just behind our properties while dumping leaves. He said it walked by at 50 yards. I asked "How big is big"? He said you wont believe me when I tell you. I said "TRY ME"! He proceeded to hold his arms over his head really wide and high and said"It is the biggest buck I have ever seen in my life"! Looks like the buck I have been after survived the poacher scare!:)
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awesome news Dave![up]
good luck with getting him.
just keep matty away.:D
also, take some pics this time will ya!:D

i'ld love to see that deer.
That should pump some life into you. Now stop messing around and make us all proud. GO OUT AND GET HIM so we can see the pictures.[up]
The trail cam is out[cool]

I just hope I get a picture of him[confused]
Good to hear. Any luck with the state responding to your poacher report?

I think they get inundated with tyhis kind of stuff and from past dealings with them I doubt anything will come of it.
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