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UPDATE: Liberated Tiger Trout Being Caught EVERYWHERE Along The Delaware

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Unplanned Delaware River Trout Stocking - 5/6/05

The September '04 and the April '05 floods both inundated the private Musky Trout Hatchery raceways in Warren County near the Delaware River. The brook, brown, rainbow and tiger trout (the cross of a brown and brook trout) that were in those raceways are now being caught in the Delaware River and its tributaries.

The reported catches are:

A 5 lb. tiger trout from the Musconetcong River about 1000 yards upstream of the Delaware River confluence.

A 5 lb. and a 7 lb. tiger trout from the Pequest River at the base of the Belvidere dam.

A 15.5-inch and 20-inch tiger trout from the Delaware River just below the wing dam in Lambertville. (see photo, click to enlarge)

A tiger trout from the Delaware River below the Yardley, PA boat ramp.

A tiger trout from the Delaware River at Lambertville, caught in Lewis’ shad net.

A 6 lb., 25-inch brook trout from the Delaware River near the Old Wharf in Trenton.

A 12 lb. 12 oz., 31-inch brown trout from the Paulinskill River below the Columbia Lake Dam.

When the Delaware River warms more of these trout will be caught as they seek out, and become concentrated, in the colder tributaries. Pennsylvania biologists, too, have received catch reports of large trout, especially tiger trout, from the Delaware River. [cool][up]

WOJ - So where do you wanna start "hunting" these Tigers first?!?!?!?!??!!? [smirk][up]
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Ravenwolf - Nice Fish!!! Congrats

imb21 and hkdonfishn - Since Woj is always tied up with trying to sell his house, celebrating his past B-day, celebrating his Wedding Anniversary, dealing with his pregnant wife's hormones, etc, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....

If you guys want to hook up and fish up in Hunterdon and/or Warren County, I am up that way almost every Thurs. at 6:00 PM until Sundays at noon straight though about the 3rd weekend of July, so shoot me an e-mail on how to contact you and I'll e-mail the same back at ya if you're interested in getting together to fish.

Jon T.
My heart is bleedin' for you, buddy, and I truly feel your "pain"!!!!! :D

I'll throw some deer meat your way once I get my crossbow and learn how to shoot it accurately OR I'll have this guy I know who picks up "road kills" save you a few hind quarters and back straps if the're not damaged too bad - They might be a little "aged", but I'm sure you won't mind!!!! :D:D
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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