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U.S to pay for Illegals healthcare!!!

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I know that this has nothing to do with hunting or fishing but this has me just livid, I'm so fired up that I can't even go to sleep. WTF,not only do we do nothing to stop them from coming here and taking our work,NOW we have to pay for them when they get sick.
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I agree with 100% we need to stop them from coming here no matter what country they come from. But some people like to have them here, and most likey don't mind paying for there health care, cause most of the Illegals are hard working/church type people.

People we change when and if they ever lose there job and have no health care for themselves or there families, until then this country we call home will be over populated and the taxes we pay will keep going to the Illegals.

So all I have to say is: WAKE UP PEOPLE SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!! You and I may have it somewhat good these days, but what about the future as we get older, and for our kids? Remember it's no secret Social Security won't be around for ever.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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