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Both the deer and the bear are animals of the wilderness and classified as game animals, meaning there is no danger of extinction. But people seem to mind less the hunting of deer as food or for population control, while they are still uneasy with the phenomenon of hunting bears.

From making phone calls and writing letters to Governor-elect Jon Corzine, to filing an unsuccessful lawsuit in the Appellate Court in Trenton to try and stop the hunt, activists have fought hard against the hunting of bears. The shotgun deer season also kicks off tomorrow and lasts the same six days, but any opposition to the deer hunt is, in comparison, barely a whimper.

"For a lot of people, bears are a symbol that we still have a lot of wild places in New Jersey; we're not all strip malls and subdivisions," said Jeff Tittel, director of the Sierra Club's New Jersey chapter. "Versus the deer, which are pretty much everywhere in the state now. You see many deer on the roadside, you don't see as many bears."
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