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Two fishing trips in one day

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Went fishing 🎣 in Manasquan Inlet this afternoon on a cold, sunny day with a strong north wind and incoming tide after a cold front. Saw a big bluefish caught and released over the fence when I arrived. I caught, tagged and released 6 bluefish to 19” with 60 casts in < 2 hours with an Ava A-17 and 2 teaser rig. Landed 14 fish in 9 trips to the inlet this year. Tagged 9. Went fishing in 74 degree Robert G Martin Lake this evening. Threw out a can of corn for chum, then caught nothing with my homemade corn meal bait. Caught and released 3 brown bullheads to 13” and a bluegill with whole kernel corn bait on 4 lb test line. Caught and released 6 bluegills with a #14 gold treble hook on 2 lb test line and no bait. Fished the east side of NJ and the west side of NJ in one day today.
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