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Forget the honey, they go simply ape for a grape
Sunday, July 17, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff
With all the terrifying tales of black bears rampaging through campsites and rummaging through trash cans, it might come as a surprise that the fearsome brutes go absolutely gaga over green seedless grapes.

It might also come as a shock to some that the lumbering beasts of New Jersey's woodlands will flop down and cry like babies if a paw gets cut.

These are just two of the many surprises zookeepers at Essex County Turtle Back Zoo have discovered since they began caring for two black bear cubs last month. Born in January to a pair of bears as Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, the 7-month-old twin sisters have drawn raves from children and parents alike, who press up against the exhibit's gl [no swearing please] windows for a better look at the playful cubs.
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