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1. Utilize existing food sources, especially mature mast-bearing trees such as beech and oak, to the fullest possible advantage

2. Maintain your food plots well. This may mean regular liming, fertilization, mowing or other steps.

3. Keep travel zones open and clean. This may mean annual bush-hogging of roads between food plots and open areas, mowing of fields, or other steps.

4. Consider a predation control program. It may mean nothing more than setting a few traps, but if you have significant nest predation, more concertedefforts may be in order.

5. Where it is legal and seasonal circumstances dictate, consider some supplemental feeding ( extended periods with deep snows on the ground would be an example ).

6. Maintain records of turkey sightings, what you do in terms of management, harvest data, and the like. Over time you will learn a great deal from this.

7. Take advantage of local expertise from local biologists, agricultural agents, or other officials. Similarly, look into support programs offered by government agencies.

This can also be used for Deer Management too.
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