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Scout todays snow. You can't miss the big XY tracks. I was building my barn 2 seasons ago waiting for my 10 yr old to wake when I heard 2 gobblers in my woods. I could take it and got my gear. Shot a 26 pounder. No decoys. My method has been successful. Hear the gobbler, call to him/till he responds. Walk away from him about 50 yards call again, get him to respond( this gives of his location then move back to where you first called. But don't call. He will be tracking by sound and thinks you the hen are moving away. No hang ups. No decoys. No BS. I've shot my share and guide a few others using this method. I took this one guy that started putting out decoys the minute he heard a gobble. It looked like a goose spread. I laughed and told him to pick them up and folow me. He did a was successful.Oh! I love the MR. CABELAS hunter they make me laugh. The best hunting is the simplest. Remember, keep it simple.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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