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Turkey down Thursday morning

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Set up thursday morning in my spot. Had a nice gobbler at 20 yards and of course I missed.[wallmad]Shot right over his head. Moved down the road to another spot. Walked to the corner of the field and let out a crow call. Heard a gobble about 50 yds in the woods, so i set up the hen decoy in the field and started to call. 10 minutes later a hen comes out and about 10 minutes after that the tom comes out. 20 yd shot and he dropped. 19.5 lbs, 3/4" spurs and 9.5 inch beard. Ill post pictures as soon as I get a chance.[up]
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Shoot Straight!
WTG Bill[up] been busy at work,give you a call saturday morning.
way to get her done. was you talkin to the hen?
Zone 20. Yes Ron I was talkin to the hens. Those calls are awesome. The double split is the one that got them to come out of the woods.[up]
Glad it worked for ya but like I say the call is 10% the other 90 is the caller! nice calling
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