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To Arms.....To Arms.... Our Great State of New Jersey Needs Our Help.....To Arms....To Arms

Well it's that time again, It's Election Day on Tuesday. The Wild Life in New Jersey needs Our help, Everyone knows that Corzine does not care for Our Sport, Our way of Life, Our God Giving Right. For tyhe next Elections I say we find a Hunter to run for the spot of NJ-GOV. We need one more then ever.

I will vote for FORRESTER [up] I mailed in my application for the absentee ballot on Thrusday. They sent me a letter informing me that they received it late, but they informed me to call them on Monday morning, and I can come down and vote anytime before 3pm Monday, so I will do that 1st thing tomorrow......Mysti is right guys convince your family/friends to vote for FORRESTER[up] CORZINE gets in we all lose hunters and non hunters

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Anyone actually read the ballot and the the candidates letters on the back? There is some dude named ed forcion aka weedman, how in the world does he get enough signatures to get that kind of crap on the ballot?

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I am a Republican that has voted my conscience all my life, I've voted for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.......

I can tell you honsetly that tomorrow I'm just hitting the Republican switch in the booth.

I live in Dist 14 (Hamilton & Middlesex) in Mercer County and we have some bad Democrats here. I've watched as the Democratic Town Council has blundered their way thru the last 4 years and I'm done with them.

I've watched our Assemblywoman sign on to anti-bear hunt bills and I'm done with her.

I've watched our TOTALLY Democratic Freeholder Board systematically endorse EVERY thought and idea that our Democrat County Executive has spoken or offered and I'm done with them.

And I've watched as the McGreedy Administration brought shame to Trenton. Corzine will be McGreedy on steriods - I don't even want to start with him.
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