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trout fishing

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Would like to get together with maybe a few people and do some trout fishing. If anyone is interested, lets meet up and hit the streams or, over here, you call them rivers LOL:D
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P.S. Got all the time in the world now, that i am out of work..........[up]
35 when ever you want to go, but i am not equipted for that size let me know what i would need to buy to go since i never fished for stripers before
I am always up for stripers. My dad and I are looking for a boat to get on up there. We haven't been striper fishing for quite a while. Are they up there now? Send me an email. I'm in the directory.
35 looks like we got some other people wanting to go
I would be up for some striper action. Maybe we can get enough people together for a private charter?
I'm interested in the private charter idea
I will set it up if you want to send me some dates to work with. I know some charters in atlantic highlands. anyone interested please post there intrest in going
Shawn I am down for some stripers fishing, it will be my first time, so i am apmed up about it, you just let me know the date and i am there
I am going to call some charters today and get prices and scheduals.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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