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Treestand hit by Lightning (Pix)

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My huntin buddy wanted to move his ladder stand. When we got to the tree we could see that it was recently hit by Lightning. Bark was stripped off the tree for 20 feet. The pieces of bark were thrown as far as 30 feet from the tree.Glad it wasn't hunting season.
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Same thing happened to my stand. It was up less than a week and WHAM! Tree wasnt that bad though and the ladder was just a little loose. Could have been alot worse.

Last season I watched a storm roll in. I was thinkin it'd be best I leave but I stuck it out until the gust front hit the stand. I just got down when the lightening started crashing around the woods. Never again. If it looks like a storm is iminent, im outta there!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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