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Here is my evaluation of the Traditions 209 Tracker.

I was always a little afraid of muzzleloader due to ignorance. I was afraid that the powder could go off and I would shoot myself. It wasn't until a guy at the range at Flatbrook asked me if I wanted to try his. He taught me how to load it and I took a shot. Since that first shot I wanted one. Will in the spring I bought a Traditions 209 Tracker from Dicks Sporting Goods.

I chose the Traditions based on price. It was 179 and it came with a Traditions 3x9 scope. The price was right and I believed Traditions was a good company so I bought it. It was also a very light gun inline muzzleloader.

The 1st time I shot it took a little while to set it up. I had to find the right load. I found that 2 50 grain Pyrodex Pellets with a 240 grain sbot works the best. I shot almost 30 rounds that day sighting in. It took my cousin a while adjusting the scope. Our math was off. Once sighted in it shot consistant.

A couple days later I sighted it in with a different brand sabot and still shot dead on.

Here are some problem I found:

It was hard to get the firing bolt out. I found out it is easier to disable for cleaning if I take the stock and trigger assembly off.

I also had trouble with the breech plug fusing. That was my fault. I used the wrong lubricant. While attempting to remove the breech plug I removed the primer retention spring by mistake. That has posed some problems. I can still get the primer in, but it falls out easier while in the field. I have attempted to order new springs but they are back order. I will also order a back up breech plug.

All in all it is a good muzzleloader for the money.
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