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I have DeLorme TOPOUSA on my computer. This software comes with about (6) cd's of various regions of the US. The best thing about it is I can hook it up to my GPS reciever and download waypoints. I must have about 50 hunting spots downloaded onto the map. I can zoom in and out on the map for more or less detail. I normally print & laminate 81/2 x 11 maps of where I plan to hunt to carry afield.

One of the most valuable features of these tools is scouting from my truck. I can stop along a road in a promising looking spot and save the waypoint. When I get home I can download the waypoint to the topomap and know the terrain within any radius I want from 50yds to 50 miles.

With the GPS reciever I can go to a particular tree in the dark with no difficulty. As long as I previously set that tree as a waypoint.

When rifle hunting and taking a long shot I can take a magnetic comp [no swearing please] bearing on the animal's location when I fired. Then I set a waypoint at the spot I fired.This gives me tha ability to accuratly take a back bearing even on a 200-300yd shot to help find the downed animal. I have also done this with arrow hit deer by taking a bearing an the last place I saw the animal after the shot.

Then there are the obvious helps. When hunting or scouting a strange area I can set a waypoint where I park my truck. This makes it impossible to get lost.

I have an old version of TopoUSA the newer version is better. I think I payed about $120 for the software in 1999 or 2000. There are a variety of GPS recievers on the market. I have a Magellan MAP330 which is also old. The thing to look for when buying a GPS reciever is that it has a feature called WAAS. I forget what that stands for, but it makes the unit accurate to a few feet.
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