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Took Me 3 Months

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It took me three months to get mine. Then I went to Ramsey's to buy a $200 muzzleloader...but Ramsey wanted to charge me $250... then another $25 to call the state police to make sure it was okay.

Long story, short... I did not purchase the gun there (or in new jersey).
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And who told you where to buy the MZ and which one?
I need to run my NJ Firearms ID Card through a laminator.
got mine as soon as i turned 18 on april 13th...let me whip it out real quick and ill tell you all the date ISSUED: .............>>>>>9/28
that means it took OVER 5 months (law says no more than 5)
I thought I posted this yesterday, but it did not show up. It took 3 months to get my card changed from Vincentown to Southampton plus 17 bucks.
swamprat... in order to prevent/combat spammers on this site... you cannot post more than 1 message in 60 seconds. So I bet you just did not see the error/info message warning you. Thanks.
That's great. I just put in a change of address with the State Police at the Red Lion Barracks ! Guess I've got a few months to wait for the new card :(
Oh well, not being able to purchase a new gun for awhile, should make my wife happy :p
Swamprat where in Southampton do you live? My kids live there, On ocassion I go down with my wife and take my son hunting at medford for pheasants. Love that place.
It's been a while since I needed to get my info changed or applied for a handgun permit. I don't remember it taking that long... a month, two at the most. Does it have to go through the state police or can it still be done through the local police?
Iam new to this forum. It took me 3 months just for a change of address from a old street to a new one.I believe that a firearms id card must be on you at all times when carrying a firearm .
Yup. If you are hunting (and were issued a firearms card) you must have it with you.
just got a change of address on mine recently. town that i moved from is covered by state police, station was 5 minutes from old house, now it's 10 from my new house. since i moved across the river to a new county, i had to apply at the state police that covers my new residence, station is a good 45 minutes away!! i guess that means if i call 911, they'll dispatch from the station 45 minutes away that covers us rather than the one 10 minutes away that doesnt.[confused]
Dragthor, ID card doesn't have to be on you if you are hunting. In that case the hunting lic. is sufficient to transport as well as possess.

You only have to go through the NJSP if the town you reside in does not have a local PD. If you have a local PD, you must use them.

Any cards or changes going through NJSP take longer as everything has to go to Trenton for approval and numbers. Doesn't matter which barracks you go through, everything goes to Trenton.
Listen to TJC he know his crap. You don't need to have a FIC on you while you are hunting. The registration of firearms is Unconstitutional, it does not exist. The Republic of NJ gets around that by making or forcing all the law abiding people of these state to apply for the card. Now the problem comes in if you have any type of criminal record and the officer who stops you wants to run a check on your ass. If you have any thing against you that prohibits you from owning, possesing or carrying a firearm, run and get yourself a lawyer. As far as a muzzloader, just go to pennsy and buy it there same thing for a BB gun. In any other state except for the few in the North East. All you need is a drivers license, and they run your name through the FBI puter and if your clean they hand you the weapon, and in 24 hours that record has to be destroy by law, only the shop that sold you the weapon keeps the record. Again I repeat THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REGISTRATION OF FIREARMS IN THE US OF A
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Now that you finally have the NJFID card:
You don't need the NICS check at time of purchase to buy a muzzleloader in NJ.That also means you can purchase a muzzleloader on Sundays,when NICS is not open and normal gun sales cannot be purchased on Sundays.Only exception,would be a T/C Encore because that gun can interchange rifle/shotgun barrels.
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