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Too Close For Comfort (Pix)

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I'm transferring the video from my Tivo to my laptop as we speak. I'll post some video capture shots on here as they come in.

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If I didn't know that Linda was such a nut case and she was 10 years younger I....Never mind...:p
Is Lynda married? She would drive me crazy. [mad]
Tell me Stu isn't sneaking off to the McDonalds drive thru at night stuffing his face with a couple of bigMacs!!!! Veggie burger my butt!!!!
She almost looks like a tired and crazy Paula Abdul!:D
I'm always thinking of the others seeing what I type. Thanks for the heads up though... I'm just stating that in MHO stu is looking a bit plump to be snacking on carrot sticks all day...and in MHO Linda is a nut case but 10 years ago she may have been a cute nut case...;) ok maybe 15 years ago...[smirk]
The show was boring[down]
She almost looks like a tired and crazy Paula Abdul

Maybe Linda Smith and Stuey are hooked up together?:D
Funny stuff Jim. :D [up]

Also, most vegetarians pig out on potatoe chips and other snacks.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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