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For those of us who did not see this BEAR DOCUMENTARY on the outdoor channel, now we can see it on NJN.

On Monday, July 25, at 9 pm, NJN Public Television will present two programs that take a look at the growing bear population in New Jersey.
First up, an independently produced documentary titled Bears: Too Close for
Comfort. Immediately following the program at 9:30 pm will be The Bear
Facts: What We Should Know, a special NJN 30-minute panel discussion on
bears in New Jersey, hosted by noted attorney Raymond Brown of NJN’s
award-winning Due Process. The Bear Facts focuses on the issues that arise
when humans and bears live in close proximity to each other. Brown
moderates the panel of guests that includes Eric Bunk, northern New Jersey
director, Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America; Bradley Campbell,
commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection; Stu Chaifetz,
director, Animal Protection PAC; John Rogalo, north vice-president, State
Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs; and Lynda Smith, founder and director, The
Bear Education and Resource Group.
The panel discussion will provide viewers with the opportunity to learn
about the current situation and hear what panel members think should be
done. The Bear Facts: What We Should Know will be web cast on the NJN web
site at and can be seen on NJN’s digital station and on Time Warner
cable on channel 750 in New York.
Bears: Too Close for Comfort at 9 pm is an independent production by
director/producer Tom Phillips. In 2003, an unprecedented number of human
and black bear encounters took place in New Jersey. Biologists attribute
these escalating encounters to what may be the most successful comeback of
bears anywhere in the United States. Bears are becoming more commonplace in
the mostly densely populated state in the country. Phillips presents some
of the events surrounding the controversial bear hunt of 2003 in this Omni
award-winning documentary.
NJN Public Television & Radio provides access to award-winning programs and
services that serve the informational, cultural and educational needs of
New Jersey residents.

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Lynda Smith was EDITED OUT of the documentary because she bitched about how bad they looked violently protesting the hunt. Truth hurts.

She is still present for the panel discussion and from what I hear both her and Stu were destroyed by Eric and John. Tune in!

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She's a pretty typical. The simple fact is loss of habitat combined with reproduction equals too many bears. You can eliminate every bit of garbage in the world and the bear population will grow and encroach on ever expanding sprawl. The anti's on this show have no solution - as usual with liberals. Lot's of feelings and passion but no real solutions. If they could just be honest and say they don't want anyone to hunt I would be happier - they are so dishonest. Get a bear proof garbage can - that's funny.

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I actually think that Brad Campbell did a fine job, and I was very happy he supports our side. I dont think hes as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

They (Linda and Stu) do have valid points about keeping garbage inaccessable to bears, and other human food sources for that matter, and Im glad that Linda agrees that sterilization is not the best answer. It contradicts what Stu was saying, and basically throws both their views out the window. Stu is just a plain old he ever got to a position of importance is beyond me. Im surprised he can hold a job or cook food for himself. His boyfriend must take care of him. What a goof.

Eric Bunk should be given a metal for the way he presented himself, and the positive light in which he portrayed us. I feel that Campbell did a very good job too, and he seems to be the voice of sound reason. I forgot the name of the Sportsmans Federation Rep, but he did ok. He seemed a bit too nervous, though I cant say I would do any better in his position.:eek:

Overall, it seemed like a good discussion, and gave me a new outlook on B. Campbell, and a hopefull outlook that common sense may prevail in this state for years to come.

What Campbell and Bunk said is basically the answer. Education on our part, along with preventitive measures, and regulated hunts. WHY is that so unreasonable for these ding-dong ARA's to agree with?

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Is he a sportsman at all?

In any case, he made a good fight for us, and thats good enough for me at this point. His views went right along with mine, which leads me to believe one of two things. Either he is a good advocate for our side, or a really good liar.

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Stu & Lynda need to read more reports on bears and stop trying to tell people to stop making garbage and stop saying there should not be any hunting. Let Stu & Lynda's group pay 100% of the cost for birth control. Then they will see that they where 100% wrong. Also to me it looked like Lynda & Stu where a little upset that Campbell was talking highly about having a hunt, or using hunting as a tool to control bears.

Let there be a bear hunt in 2005.
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