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Titus, where are you man??? Team # 3 needs you!

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Titus, are you out there?

If you see this, you're with us! Team # 3 all the way!!!!!!![up]
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Ok, just got word that your wife might have had a baby!

If so CONGRATS! Hope all is well, and hope to hear from you soon![up]:):)

(By the way, if this new baby cuts into your hunting time, you're off the team, got it?!?!):p:D Just kidding!:D
Matty I saw a great 6 pt today in Mendham eating my food I put out yesterday... you need to call me also we need to get a hunt going together I have a great spot to put you in zone 6
Ok Anthony, sounds great.

Ive been very busy lately, trying to get work and other stuff out of the way before the season gets here. I want to hunt as often as possible this year.[up]

I'll talk to you soon..---Matt:)

By the way, if you want me to sit and film you or Ryan at all this season, just let me know. I dont have a great video camera, but I take good steady footage that looks just like most hunting videos. (lots of practice);)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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