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Thursday 10/6 check in

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I am gonna try to get out this afternoon, since tomorrow and the weekend look like it is gonna rain. All welcome to join me
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rain for saturday? that sucks.
Went out this morning here on the farm, 2 hrs. Saw 4 does ( no shooters ) 2 spikes. Let them walk. I'll trying somewhere else this afternoon, location will be determined by wind and weather.
Nightstalker, where are you located?
HMMM, I have no clue where that is. LOL
Just off Rt. 206 5 miles or so North of Hammonton
Ok, so your not close to me then. Was gonna sk if you wanted to hook up to hunt
Shame so far away. I will be in Pa. for rifle season if you are still going up there maybe I'll see ya there. I'll be staying in Cresco and hunting in Mt. Pocono. The Inn I'm staying at has a nice bar, maybe you can stop by
I remember you saying this, I have to talk to my other hunting partners and see what they think. How far away from hopatcong are you??
It took me 1 1/2 hrs. to get to Pequest. I have no idea where Hoponmydong is located
LMAO...Well then, that tell me you are way up north then.
Oh Matty, Come out, Come out where ever you are, and meet me @ our favorite spot!! LOL
Yes I do, I go snowshoe Rabbit hunting there. My uncle is the Director of operations @ camelback.
Whe it gets closer we'll have to e-mail about hookin' up. But it's time to hang a few of the 30 footer tree stands.
Lake "Hoponmydong" ???

Ive heard someone pronounce it "Hoppa Kon" but that one is a first! Lake HOPONMYDONG......LOL :D

Ian, Paul is well south of us, I do want to get down to his place sometime though, maybe a couple of us can go if its ok with him. I just cant get my brother to commit to going.

By the way Paul, my brother was one of the top shooters in the academy. He shot all 100's during the qual. except one round. And he got a 50% on the 50 yard shots. The next highest guy was like 20 something %. The top guy is one of the guys being hired with my brother, he was a former air marshal and border patrol. He shot a 70% at 50 yards, and never shot under 100 on the regular distances. One of the instructors didnt even believe a 70 at 50 yards was possible.[up]
Matty, you going out this afternoon? I feel like it is gonna be good this after if it stays cloudy
Oh yeah, forgot to check in.

I sat with Dragthor and filmed this morning. I saw a deer moving through heavy cover about 100 yards away early in the day, but that was it.

I kept coughing a little bit. I just couldnt control it. Then around 8:30 I had a coughing fit to end all coughing fits. It was so bad I was laughing, coughing, and spitting up flem. I dont think Drag thought it was all that funny, but I couldnt help it.

Oh and we saw a waddled right under my tree.
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