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Thinking about giving up my bow

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next year for turkey. Our ten-year old son wants to hunt with a shotgun so I think I may make the switch. Can anyone recomend a basic shotgun for myself and for our son who will be 11 years old by the fall season. I understand the pump shotguns are less expensive then the automatics. Pump shotgun I think is the way I want to go.
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Youth model 20 ga. Browning for your son and a Rem. 12 ga. 870 for you. Both are pumps.
I have had an 870 for about 15 years and have used it for everything from skeet, to deer, to ducks, to upland game and it is a great gun. For the money (around $220) you can't beat it. I also bought the 870 in 20 ga. youth for my nephew last year and he loves it, his first round of skeet w/ it he broke 19. Great all around gun.
I go with 870 pump, I beleive they make a youth model, awsome gun had mine for over 10 years.
I have two 870 pumps and I love them. The one I use the most I've had for 24 years! I bought the second one to set up for deer hunting only but I always seem to find a reason to use my older buddy! You can't go wrong with the 870 in my opinion![up]
Either of the youth model Remingtons ( 870 pump or 1100 auto.) will work great. Both can be upgraded with adult stocks as he grows. The 1100 will also absorb some of the recoil generated by Turkey Loads.
I bought a Mossberg 835 pump a few years ago for geese. That thing is a cannon. I gave it to my father and he uses it exclusively for Turkeys. Hasnt missed one yet!
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