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Animal extremists are still after OUR Sunday Bow bill. Yes, it's OUR bill, whether we bow hunt or not. It's OUR bill because it is founded on good conservation practice. Good conservation benefits all of us and our ecology. It's OUR bill because we have ALL fought to educate the policy makers in Trenton about conservation, all 650,000 of us in one form or another.

It's OUR bill because we ALL pay for wildlife management by our purchases of licenses, permits, stamps, gear, and taxes on outdoor related products. It is OUR bill because many of us volunteer our efforts on behald of a better outdoor environement and we STILL receive little recognition for our efforts - it's OUR bill because the Governor's signature will finally be recognition that WE matter and acknowledgement of OUR contributions to the health of New Jersey's ecology.

What have the animal extremists contributed? Very little, if anything. They have hurt the ecology with their emotional thinking and foolish dogma. What are they demanding? For everything to be THEIR way.

Set the record straight! Stand up for the precepts of conservation. Call the Governor and tell him "enough is enough!"

"Governor Corzine - Do the right thing. Sign Sunday Bow into law!"

The animal extremists will use the telephone number 609-777-2500. Call the number and ask for Sunday Bow to be signed by the Governor. Then call 609-292-6000 and tell them the same!

Below is an alert from the animal extremists. You can be sure they will be calling - they have been, from all over the world. They want to keep us in our place.


New Jersey. Bowhunting on Sunday. NJARA. Continue to Call Governor Corzine. April 2009.

Cross-posting a message from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance


Dear Members and Supporters:

Thank you to everyone who wrote, called, e-mailed, faxed and spoke out on behalf of animals and people regarding the Sunday bowhunting bill (S802/A1669).

The Office of Legislative Services told us today that the bill is still on the Governor's desk and he has not contacted them for a signing. If the Governor does not sign this bill by April 30, he will be given an extension until the Senate comes back on May 4, 2009. If he does not sign it at all, it automatically becomes law. He MUST veto it.

ALL of our members, supporters, friends, and associates need to call the governor's office every day to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear.


1. Ask him to veto the Sunday bowhunting bill (S802/A1669). Ask him to say NO to Sunday hunting!

2. Ask everyone you know to call as well. This legislation effects both people and animals.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Angi Metler, Executive Director
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA)
Upholding and Advancing the Rights of Animals since 1983 through advocacy, public education and legislation.

To financially support NJARA's work, please click here:
Phone: 732-446-6808 / Web:

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Can you confirm that the governor technically has until close of business on May 4th to send it back or veto it? That'd be Monday, not Friday.

(Not like I'm planning a celebration...that'll come later!)


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As far as I know the date is April 30th. However, there always seems to be an exception, parlimentary procedure, extension, or some obscure procedure that the public isn't usually aware of. I will do my best to find out whether it's the 30th or the 4th.

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