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The Vang Trial: Suspect may claim self-defense in hunter deaths

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HAYWARD (AP) - Attorneys for a man accused of killing six hunters in northwestern Wisconsin filed court papers suggesting he may claim self-defense in his trial, a newspaper reported.

Chai Soua Vang also won't pursue a plea bargain to avoid trial, his attorneys told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis last week.

Vang, a 36-year-old truck driver from St. Paul, Minn., was charged with murdering six deer hunters and wounding two others in a confrontation over trespassing Nov. 21 in some isolated Sawyer County woods.
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Id almost forgotten about this tragic story.:(

Im not quite certain he will be able to get off using self defense as his story.

From what I recall, one or more of the victims were unarmed, and shot from behind, as if he was shooting people who were fleeing.

That info could be wrong, but from everything I had heard, this guy was sitting in a stand on land that he was not allowed on, was confronted and asked to leave, and then basically just lost it, and was killing for fun. If thats the case, I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his time, or they end his time here sooner.[mad]

If he is innocent, and it really was self-defense, I hope that he goes free. For some reason, I HIGHLY doubt that though. Even if it was self defense, (supposedly) unarmed people were killed, and I believe a very young woman (teen) and a young boy were killed. (I dont recall the details well though).

No matter the trial outcome, it has to be one of, if not, the worst hunting tragedies ever.:(
If Vang walks - the hunting community at large will be pilloried as bigoted, insensitive, drunk a-holes.

The anti-s would have a field day with this.
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